The Half-Ass Adventures mini donkeys, Jassmine, Daissy, Jassper and Lucass, will enhance, enlighten and enliven social engagement and interaction at your event as long-eared waiters and waitresses, ice-breaking conversation starters, and incredibly accommodating models for one-of-a-kind photo opps creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.


Post-pandemic bookings are up (the Roaring 20’s are upon us), and we are now taking reservations for 2022 and 2023. A handful of select dates still available for the latter half of 2021, the lifting of pandemic conditions and regulations permitting.


In their saddlebags they can carry a variety of beverages from elegant wines, delectable champagnes, bottled or canned beer and soft drinks to novelties and party favors or promotional items and literature for your conferences, corporate, and campaign events. We’ll work closely with you and your wedding or event planner to adorn them with whatever costuming, fineries and flowers best fit your theme. 


Half-Ass Adventures operates year-round serving private affairs, parties, corporate events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and other themed soirees. The mini donkeys are also available for Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and other holiday festivities. 


The busiest time of the year for Half-Ass Adventures is consistently Easter in early April through to mid-November where, between Thursdays to Sundays, we can be booked with two events per day at any of the over 35 winery, vineyard, and banquet venues in our service area. Please refer to our website for the list of incredible venues in the Murphys Motherlode region.

Half-Ass Adventures mini beer burros and wine donkeys for weddings, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, and anniversary celebrations offer an adorable and memorable feature as long-eared waiters and waitresses serving wine, champagne and beer from their panniers. 


Add 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of the donkeys into your unique functions from sales meetings, cocktail parties, conferences, and campaign events. Aside from adult beverage service of wine, champagne, tequila and beer service from their panniers, the donkeys can also distribute novelties and party favors or promotional items and literature to your guests. 


There are numerous stunningly beautiful winery vineyards, both public and private, in Calaveras County. Whether you're staging a outdoor or indoor vineyard event, walking tour, picnic or elaborate outdoor dining, a wine tasting release party for your wine club, friends, family or business associates, consider wine service provided by the Half-Ass Adventures mini-donkeys. 

Murphys Wine Tasting Walking Tours

As soon as the pandemic is over, we can't wait to bring this popular excursion back. Learn the history of Murphys by visiting 6 tasting rooms housed in the most historic buildings from the California Gold Rush era of the late 1800’s and enjoy a progressive wine tasting with cheese pairings as you work your way down Murphys' Main Street. The tour is guided by two docents who tell the notorious and salacious history of Murphys, established in 1848… arguably the very first town where emigrants coming over the Sierras from the east, in part, established the state of California. Walking tours are limited to only 12-people and fill up fast. A delectable brunch and full lunch with wine is included, along with other perks and freebies. 


The mini donkeys are available year-round for Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and other themed holiday parties and festivities.


We love working with creative and innovative wedding and corporate event planners. There are approximately 40 unique event and wedding venues within our 40-mile operating range, from Bear Valley Ski Resort, Gold Rush era hotels, historic homes and wine tasting room properties on Murphys Main Street, stunning golf course resorts, and, of course, inimitable vineyards, such as the one-of-a-kind Ironstone Vineyards. Contact us to discuss how we can help add the Half-Ass Adventures mini donkeys as a memorable asset to your event or soiree. 

Photos & Videos

Mini-donkeys are available for wedding, corporate, and political events and all styles of photo sessions and video productions. If you're booking the donkeys for a wedding, discuss with us the opportunity to have the donkeys attend your wedding eve rehearsal dinner or bachelor or bachelorette party so you can create some of the best and most memorable staged photos imaginable. We're happy to work with you on special pricing if you require the donkeys two or more times over multi-day events.  


Standard Event Donkey Hire Services Includes: 

  • Venue delivery of bathed and brushed donkey(s) 45-minutes pre-event to prep and adorn, as well coordinate with your event planner and/or bar manager and beverage servers. 

  • Up to a 90 minute appearance at the cocktail hour until guests are seated for dinner and the donkeys become superfluous. 

  • Beer and/or wine cooler saddlebags/baskets/panniers. Client provides wine, beer, Champagne, soft drinks, ice and cups/glasses. 

  • All tack gear. 

  • Plastic floral bridals, crown, tail and tack decorations in primarily white, with accents of red, yellow, orange and blue are included (We don’t recommend live flowers and plants, because mini donkeys eat live flowers). 

  • Custom signage and ethnic or themed adornments are additional by quote. 

  • Two handlers on orders of one donkey. Orders of two donkeys or more include one handler per donkey. 

  • Handlers are dressed in either Half-Ass Adventures western denim attire, for more casual affairs, or more formal attire for weddings, galas, etc., (men and women handlers are dressed in black slacks and jackets with white collared shirts). 

  • Donkeys wear ‘Bun Bags,’ aka: ‘donkey diapers.’ In the rare cases of accidents, donkey waste clean-up is prompt and efficient. 

  • Beer and wine service may be self-serve or we work with the venue/guest-provided professional server(s). Half-Ass Adventures donkey handlers will gladly monitor and assist in calling out replenishing alcohol inventory levels during the event and may assist in service at client’s request. 

  • Half-Ass Adventures donkey handlers gladly interact with and answer all questions from your guests. 

  • We carry $1 million in business liability insurance. 

  • Veterinarian Health Certifications are current and well maintained. 

  • USDA Animal Welfare Act (AWA) Certification and Licensing is not required for horses and donkeys, but we maintain, manage and treat our mini donkeys as if it was. 

  • Our staff is TIPS Certified. (Training for Intervention ProcedureS -

  • Donkey handler gratuities are greatly appreciated. 


Service Area

Half-Ass Adventures serves the entire Highway 4 corridor from east to Bear Valley to as far west as Copperopolis, as well as south to Columbia and, on occasion, Sonora.

  • Angels Camp 

  • Arnold 

  • Avery 

  • Bear Valley

  • Camp Connell

  • Columbia 

  • Copperopolis 

  • Dorrington 

  • Forest Meadows 

  • Jamestown

  • Murphys 

  • Mokelumne Hill 

  • San Andreas 

  • Sonora 

  • Vallecito

  • Valley Springs

  • Those outside our service area, please inquire for a quote.