Jassmine, Daissy, Jassper & Lucass

our donkeys

Our team is comprised of miniature Sicilian donkeys, all born in the springtime of 2016. None of the pack are from the same mother but, except for Daissy, all have the same father. Now fully matured, they're capable of carrying between 40-to-50 pounds in their packs. Just like your human friends and family, each donkey has their own unique personality; friendly, humble, silly, curious and affectionate. Life is good here on the farm and the animals spend most of their free time playing and teasing the dogs and their pen mates, Fili and Kili, their adopted gregarious Nigerian dwarf goat brothers, who were, yes, you guessed it, named after the Hobbit dwarfs.


'the boss'

Jassmine is definitely leader of the pack; the 'mother' and protector. She will put herself between anything 'new' that presents itself and the rest of the pack until she's confident the pack is safe.


'the gray'

Of our four donkeys, Daissy is the only gray in the pack. She's the only one not a sibling and also the biggest of them all. Daissy is consistently the most mellow and easiest of the pack to work with.

Experts say donkeys are stubborn because they're very smart. I guess that makes Jassper the smartest of our bunch because he can definitely be the most stubborn!





'the runt'

Lucass may be small but he has the biggest personality of them all. He's very vocal and will do just about anything to grab your attention.

the chaperones

barb & john

There are times we all need a chaperone, and for the donkeys that's Barb and John. When not guiding adventures, they love to spend their free time kayaking and hiking in the U.S. Forestlands of the nearby high Sierras. In addition to the four donkeys, they have two alpacas (Rodrigo and Pietro) and two dogs (Bauer and Mollie)all avid hikers.